This project is no longer maintained. Unfortunately I haven't been able to finish what I had envisioned years ago as a lone-gunner at the time. The source code can be found here in its mercurial repository. On the other hand, more and more great editors and tools popped up in the recent years. If you've come here in search for a Python IDE/editor I recommend checking out SublimeText for a starter.

What is Pfaide..

Pfaide is an extensible Python IDE for Windows platforms. It is currently in Alpha stage (yet very stable and functional). Improvements will come in frequent updates and here're the highlights of the current feature set:

  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Directory based project management.
  • Themeable editor with builtin HTML, JavaScript, CSS support.
  • Supports Multiple Python interpreters/environments.
  • Builtin support for Django templates.
  • Word completion for Python modules.
  • Editor snippets.
  • Error highlighting.
  • Debugger.


Here's an abstract roadmap for the future releases:

  • Alpha Milestone 2 - debugger. Planned for late January 2010.
  • Alpha Milestone 3 - intelligent, fast, non-blocking(!) code completion. (IN THE WORKS..)
  • BETA release - builtin shells, publish extension API.